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Please be praying for Beacon Hill; we need God's wisdom, provision, and grace all the time.




Event Volunteer

Upcoming Events

Help out at our upcoming events as needed.


Boutique Volunteer

Support the Boutique by volunteering to process and organize donations. This opportunity can be a one-time or regular visit by an individual or groups of volunteers. 


Come as a family to the facility and have fun with a guest family. These visits usually last 2 hours; support families interact and establish relationships with the guest families. The goal of these visits is to develop relationships based on Christ-like love in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Our hope is that these relationships will continue as a support for the guest family, no matter the circumstances or outcome of the case. 


Transportation Assistance

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Volunteer Policies


Bring our guest children to and from Beacon Hill. Sometimes transportation is needed before and after the visit. 

Kitchen Provision

Provide meals or food that families can prepare together. Meals are a blessing for families because most of them do not have the time or transportation to bring a healthy meal with them to the visit. Eating together gives families the opportunity to share stories, teach manners, and build relationship.



The Safe Families Participating Church builds circles of support around parents in crisis, which includes supporting the host family, family coach, and family friend(s) from within that church community. 


The Host Family voluntarily takes a child into their home for a few days to several months depending on the parent's need. Host families go through an application process, background checks, finger printing, online training, and a home safety assurance check to ensure that the children in our community are being placed within safe and loving homes every time.


The Family Coach helps the Placing Parent to reach their goals and provide support to Host Families during the temporary hosting. They are the link between the Host Family and resources provided by the church community. This role requires roughly 2-4 hours per placement per week, and family coaches do not generally have back-to-back placement needs.


Family Friends provide support and resources to either the Placing Parent or Host Family depending on the need. They support Host Families through their hosting process by providing anything from financial support, respite care, and house cleaning to car repairs or transportation. Family friends are vital to ensure that homes stay safe and that Host Families do not become isolated themselves while they serve the family in their care.


Helpline Volunteer

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Volunteer Policies


The 24 hour SFFC Helpline is manned by staff during regular business hours. Volunteers are committed to answering the forwarded phone number during times the office is closed.

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Beacon Hill exists to serve Alaska’s children in foster care and children at risk of going into foster care through the love of Christ.

Our purpose is to support, serve and encourage vulnerable children within our community.

Our dream is to see all children in our community loved and well cared for in healthy homes.

$1500 hosts a child in a safe home.

Every dollar you give impacts change in a child's life.